Lego For Sale

112 Lego Minifigures | Lego Sets | Minifigure Collectable Books

Everything for R8000.00

We do not want to sell the items one by one, and would like to sell everything together.

Please note some minifigures comes from lego sets. The lego and minifigures were never played with, and only build once.

Minifigure List

Looney Toons – Full Set

Series 22 – Full Set

Series 21 – Full Set

German World Cup Football Team – Kroos

Series 20 – Pea Pod Costume Girl

Series 18 – Policman, Cat Costume Girl, Dragon Suit Guy, Cactus Girl

Disney Series 1 – Peter Pan, Hook, Mr. Incredible

Disney Series 2 – Mikie Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, Chip, Dale

DC Super Heroe Series – Metamorpho, Aquaman, Bumble Bee, The Flash, Green Lantern, Sinestro, Bat-Mite, Wonder Woman collectable from the book.

Marvel – Zombie Captain America, Winter Soldier, Spiderman(black soot), Mysterio, Nick Fury

Series 17 – Corn Cob Guy, Rocket Boy

Series 14 Monsters – Fly Monster

Lego Batman Movies 2 – Pool Side Batman

Lego Movie 2 – Crayon Girl, Apocalypseburg Abe, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow

Series 19 – Gamer Boy, Galactic Bounty Hunter

The Simpsons – Homer, Marge

Harry Potter Series – Harry, Ron, Hermione, Professor Flitwick

Minions – Gru, Bob, Kevin, Belle Bottom, Sparing Bot

I love that minifigure book – Skater Boy

Character Encyclopedia – Toy Soldier

Series 10 – The Emperor 

Minecraft – Steve, Creeper

StarWars – Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, R2-D2, Tusken Raider, Princess Lea hologram, Sparing Bot

Random – Indiana Jones, Red Beard, Basket Ball Player

Power Puff Girls – Bubbles, Princess Morbucks, Octi

Mikey and Friends – Minnie Mouse, Daisy

Lego City Christmas Advent Calendar – Santa Clause Fendrich, Betty, Sirley Keeper, Sam Grizzled, Bob, Top Hat Tom, 2 x snowman

Ramdon – Policeman, Robber

Lego Friends – Mia 

Lego Minifigure Book List

I Love That Minifigure

Character Encyclopedia

DC Comics Super Heroes The Awesome Guide

Lego Sets

Lego City Advent Calendar – 60303

Spider-Man No Way Home – 76184

The PowerPuff Girls – 41287

Mikey and Friends Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop – 10773

Star Wars – Obi Wan’s Hut – 75270


Reason For The Sale - Child has grown up and interests has shifted and would like to spend the money on a computer for digital arts drawing.

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We will ship to anywhere in South Africa